Tuesday, November 17, 2015


As I look forward to the upcoming holidays, I also think about the pitfalls of the season. I want to finish off 2015 strong and start 2016 fresh, healthy and with a big dose of optimism.

So I have made a list of the top 5 things to do to have a stress free holiday.

I share them with you and invite you to join me in enjoying the holidays in a healthy and happy way.

1- Exercise a little more than you usually do and watch what you eat
The added minutes or hours will boost your immune system and mood. It will also motivate you to eat healthy and avoid the high calorie/salt/fat/sugar/alcohol holiday foods and drinks.
Of course, in moderation, a cocktail or a slice of Aunt Mildred's fruit cake won't be harmful.
Find your balance of indulgence and healthy habits and stick to it. There is no reason to pass out on the couch after Thanksgiving Dinner.

2- Be mindful of what you say 'yes' to
Years ago, I realized that I just could not do everything I wanted to or make everyone happy. I had to make a conscious decision of what all I could say yes to. I had to align my YES to my highest values. So now, I carefully plan my free time around what is important to me and once I do, I devote myself wholeheartedly to it. It has been liberating because I no longer suffer from guilt or rush around doing things in a frenzy because I said yes to too much.

3- Be extra nice to others
This one works every time for me. The rush that comes from making someone else happy is amazing. Going out of your way to help a total stranger or buying gifts for someone who may receive very little if anything, far outweighs the joy of receiving. Asking others how they are doing during the holidays with sincerity may bring forth a conversation that is genuine and authentic. That connection is what life is all about. It is estimated that a large percentage of our population is lonely, alone or depressed during the holidays. Reach out and touch someone.

4- Make your own traditions
What do the holidays mean to you? We are all free to decide how we want to spend this precious time. Tradition is wonderful but is your family tradition weighing you down? Well, go ahead and create your own ways to be joyous and connected. Do you want to retreat and reflect? Well, go ahead and book yourself a weekend off. Do you want to see everyone you know in one place? Then go ahead and plan a blowout party. Just make sure it's what you want to do and brings you happiness. Don't let others expectations do the talking for you

5- Practice Self love through Self care
Take the time to make sure you have focused on your own health and wellbeing. Are you up to date with your primary care physician's and dentist visits? Did you get the rest you needed to start the day. Have you found the time (even if it's a sliver of time) to do something you deeply enjoy?
The mind is connected to the body in more ways than we are even aware so it is essential to be still and hear yourself. What is the message you are receiving? Listen to your self.

It does not take much to do simple things for yourself.
Buy flowers for your room- Read a book- Go for a movie- get a massage- meet a friend for a drink-

Here's to a happy and healthy Holiday Season
Be well, Do well, Live well,
Until next time,